Top Tips to Keep Your Industrial AC Compressor Working Properly for Longer

At the heart of any industrial air conditioning equipment is a compressor. Its work is to circulate high-pressure refrigerant (the working fluid) to the condenser where the air gets cooled. When the compressor acts up, the air conditioning system won't be able to pump refrigerant to the condenser, meaning that conditioned air will not be cooled.

Here are a couple of useful tips to ensure your industrial AC compressor functions reliably for longer:

Keep your condenser coils clean.

Over time, dust and other forms of debris can collect on the condenser coils, in turn, inhibiting efficient extraction of heat from the warmer indoor air. With increased temperatures and pressure, the compressor may overheat and lead to failure of your air conditioning system. Regular cleaning of your AC condenser coils located in the outdoor unit will help remove any dirt build-up that may result in compressor malfunction.

Maintain the right refrigerant levels.

Refrigerant levels may reduce if there are leaks in your AC system's refrigerant lines. Low refrigerant levels will force the compressor to run harder in order to pump enough refrigerant to regulate your room's temperature. This may result in compressor failure to the extra work load imposed on the component. Be sure to seal any leaks in your refrigerant lines before adding more refrigerant to the system. Ensuring your refrigerant levels are maintained as per your AC manufacturer's recommendations will help keep your compressor functioning well longer.

Do not ignore electrical problems.

Compressor breakdowns may also be caused by electrical issues such as electrical burn outs. An electrical technician can help you identify faulty wiring and fuses before such problems extend to the AC compressor and cause it to break down.

Make sure the suction lines are in good working shape.

Your AC suction lines are designed to facilitate free-flow of refrigerant within the AC system. It is important that you ensure these lines remain free of clogging, as this would cause the AC system not to cool properly. The compressor would then struggle to pump the refrigerant through the suctions. This can lead to compressor breakdown. An AC service professional can identify and clear any clogging in the suction lines that may get in the way of your compressor's performance and lifespan.

Having a maintenance plan for your industrial AC system is critical to keeping your compressor and other AC components working reliable for a long time. Such a plan may be just what you need to avoid premature replacement of your AC equipment.