Important things to check when buying used boom lifts

Boom lifts come in several types so as to meet different needs. As a contractor, you might be considering to augment your boom lift fleet with a particular type whose absence is denying you a share in the market. Buying new equipment is usually a first thought, but the prospect of saving your money on the purchase price might see you paying a visit to used equipment dealer. When electing your new partner in trade, go to a dealer where you are allowed to inspect each boom lift closely. To facilitate thorough satisfaction with the condition of your pick, bring an operator along with you, and focus on the following things.

Engine Listen keenly to detect unusual engine sounds such as clunks and clattering knocks. These are indicative of defects which sound much less than they will cost you to address.  As you may already know, engine trouble doesn't wear itself out with time. It rapidly gets worse with engine use. The engine of your chosen boom lift should run with a steady purr.

Reach The principal feature in a boom lift's utility is its reach. Do a live test to ensure that the boom extend to its maximum length and height. For greater reassurance, you could request the dealer to request an assistant to board the bucket. Testing the boom with a live weight will give more reliable results as some booms faults do not show on empty loads.

Hydraulics Inspect hydraulic pipes for dark, shiny stains. These indicate cracks and punctures that leak out precious oil. Left unattended, these breaches will expand gradually and may even burst abruptly when the crane is in use. Also check all terminal joints and seals for leaks. As It is not feasible to open hydraulic barrels and pistons for inspection, just satisfy yourself that they retracts and extend  smoothly,  not with jerks, surges

Structure The previous owners of your intended boom lift might have been careless fellows. Bumping and overloading by them might have compromised the structural integrity of the structure .This damage occurs where major parts come together, so inspect frame corners closely to detect metal cracks and weld separations. Remember to aside and inspect the boom lift in profile. Any misalignments like a skewed bucket and bent arms (segments) mean less value for your money.

After finally buying your boom lift, flush out all the old oil from then reservoir as it may be contaminated with water and particulates.