What to Know about Using a Bladder Style Water Storage Tank

If you are looking for a larger water storage option, like a 10000-litre water tank, you may be a bit overwhelmed at your options. This can be complicated by issues such as how long you want to store the water and where the water will be stored. One option that may meet several needs is to go with a bladder style storage tank. Before you decide on a traditional option, consider the things you should know about a bladder style option, such as:

Storage Type

The first thing you will need to know about bladder style water storage tanks, especially ones in larger sizes like10000-litre water tanks, is what they store. For example, some of these tanks store wastewater while others may store non-potable. It is important that you know what type of water you want to store, how it will be used, and how you will access it before choosing the bladder for your needs. Keep in mind, the materials used and the construction of the water bladders will differ for each type of water storage.

Storage Options

One of the benefits of a bladder style storage tank is the ability to store the tank in a smaller space. In fact, in a similar amount of space that you can store one traditional tank, you can store multiple bladders. This may be ideal if you have limited warehouse or storage space. It may also be ideal if you will only be storing water for seasonal storage and storing the bladder the rest of the year. Keep in mind, some of the materials used to make bladder style water storage may need specific care to hold up to storage conditions.

Repair Issues

You may be concerned about how you will repair damage to the tank if it occurs. With larger traditional tanks, you may have to replace the entire tank depending on the damage. With a bladder water tank, certain short-term repairs can be made. For example repairs to rips or leaks can be repaired for a short-term fix that will get you through the season or storage time. If the repair deals with pressure in the bladder, you may be able to have the pressure readjusted as well. In some cases, you may find troubleshooting and repair of a bladder tank easier than a traditional tank option.

These are just a few considerations regarding a bladder style water storage tank. If you are ready to push ahead with getting a bladder style water storage tank, contact your local dealer. They will be able to help with delivery, pricing, and any questions you may have regarding maintenance.