3 Reasons Why An Underground Car Parking Space May Be The Ideal Addition To Your Inner City Home

Inner city living provides many benefits for residents. The close vicinity to restaurants, shopping precincts and cultural activities as well as the vibrant and busy environment are all part of the appeal. Possibly the least appealing aspect of inner city homes is the lack of parking. Often, homes lack any off street parking at all, particularly terrace homes. If there is off-street parking, it's usually at the cost of losing the small amount of garden space that's available.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can have both off street parking and a garden in your inner city home. There are several companies that supply and install below ground car parking that is accessed by a car lift. While this might sound like something out of a James Bond movie, it's actually a practical and ingenious solution to the parking versus garden dilemma. Here are three reasons why an underground car park space might be the ideal addition to your inner city home.

1. The best of both worlds

Possibly the most appealing part of this sort of installation is the ability to have secure, off street parking and still have space for a garden. Once your car is parked on the elevator platform, it can then be moved below ground via a remote control. The roof of the underground parking space then forms a solid space that can be utilised as an outdoor living space.

The roof space can hold a patio area, timber deck or even a small lawn. It's strong enough to safely hold garden furniture or raised garden beds and can be walked or played on without fear of damaging it.

2. An extra secure space for your car

One of the biggest downfalls of parking on the street is how vulnerable your car is. Car theft, break-ins and vandalism are common occurrences for cars that aren't parked in a secure location. Even a garage is vulnerable to break and enter crimes via windows and doors.

An underground car parking space is almost completely safe from any sort of criminal activity. The only way to access it is by using the remote control to operate the elevator mechanism. As long as you keep your remote control safe, your car is inaccessible to anyone else.

3. Your property will be worth more

Secure, off-street parking and outdoor space are individually seen as rare and much sought after features of inner city homes. Having both of these features will make your home highly desirable and the increased value will reflect that.

Although an underground parking space is a considerable expense, the return on investment makes it a worthwhile project. When it's time to sell your home, you'll easily recoup your investment and your home is likely to sell much faster as well.