Benefits of Using a Scissor Lift Hire

If you are a construction company of any size, you likely have already dealt with the need for a scissor lift. Though these aren't used on every project, you will find the need for them in projects that deal with larger buildings, both indoors and outdoors. As your business grows, you may start considering the purchase of a scissor lift versus hiring a scissor lift as needed. Before you make that choice, consider the benefits of using a scissor lift hire, especially if you are still a growing fledgling business:

More Options

When you set out to purchase a scissor lift, you may be limited to your options by your budget. You can still purchase one, but it may be a very basic option with a smaller platform or without the digital options of more advanced hybrid lifts. When you use a scissor lift hire, you open yourself to a wider variety of lift options. This opening to variety can be very beneficial because you are then able to find the best scissor lift for your specific job rather than just a scissor lift that will get you through the job.

Repair and Replacement Costs

One of the key benefits to using a scissor lift relates to repair and replacement of the lift. If someone happens to a lift that you own, you will need to pay for any repair or replacement yourself. This can be very costly if the repair is not possible and you end up having to replace the entire unit. In fact, some contractors find themselves having to use a hire anyway to get through the downtime for the repairs on their scissor lift or while they wait for a replacement. When you use a scissor lift hire, the repair and replacements are usually part of the hire contract or can be added on for an additional fee to the base hire fee.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Just because you have a construction company, that doesn't mean you have the equipment available to pick up and drop off larger pieces of equipment for various projects. You may also find yourself tied up at different project sites and unable to pick up or drop off equipment as needed or on strict deadlines. When you use a scissor lift hire the issue of dropping off and picking up the lift isn't a problem. Most for-hire companies will include the drop off of the lift and the pick up of that lift in the hire contract. This can free up your time while ensuring that you are getting your equipment to the right site on time.

These are only a few of the benefits you may want to consider of using a scissor lift hire rather than buying a lift. If you are ready to move forward with the scissor lift hire, consider a consultation with a hire company for pricing and contract terms.

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