Two pieces of equipment that can prevent injuries and accidents in industrial facilities

Industrial facilities often make use of heavy machinery and toxic chemicals. Whilst these goods are essential for the day-to-day running of an industrial plant, they do present a risk to employees. Here are two pieces of equipment which can help to prevent accidents and injuries in this type of work environment.

Conveyor guarding

Conveyor systems are used in the vast majority of industrial facilities. These systems can transport materials from one part of a facility to another in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, they can be quite dangerous; if for example, an employee's sleeve gets caught and dragged into the conveyor, they could end up sustaining a major hand or arm injury. Likewise, if a strand of their hair gets trapped, they may sustain serious head wounds.

Conveyors that are used to transport extremely heavy and potentially toxic items can also be hazardous to employees, as the vibrations of the conveyor belt can occasionally cause these items to fall onto the floor. If someone is standing next to the belt when this happens, the item could potentially fall directly onto their feet and cause a fracture or a chemical burn.

One of the most effective ways to prevent these incidents from occurring is to install conveyor guarding around the perimeters of the conveyor belt. This type of guarding will act as a barricade, which will prevent employees from getting dangerously close to the conveyor belt and will also stop materials on the belt from tumbling onto the ground.

Hard hats

Head injuries are arguably one of the most serious forms of injury a person can sustain; whilst a broken limb or wounded torso can usually be treated relatively easily, head trauma can leave a person with lifelong brain damage or, in some cases, may even result in their death.

Unfortunately, those who work in industrial settings are at high risk of experiencing this form of injury. Heavy objects can fall from shelving or off the above-mentioned conveyor belts, onto their heads, or they may sustain a blow to the head whilst walking by a piece of moving machinery. They may also suffer head trauma if they fall from a raised platform onto the ground.

Hard hats are a form of personal safety equipment which can help to protect employees from head injuries. Most hard hats are made from either polyethylene or polycarbonate; these are extremely robust, impact-resistant materials which will not crack or dent when they sustain a forceful blow.