Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Decorative Concrete Driveway

Homeowners have to contend with a myriad of options when choosing how they want their roads to look. With different materials available that could be used to spruce up your driveway, maintenance can become a bit of an issue if you do not understand the inputs used. Instead of just going for traditional gray concrete, you could try decorative concrete. Unlike regular concrete, decorative concrete requires very little maintenance, which is enough to last for quite some time. [Read More]

Why You Should Be Careful When Using Rigid Honing Stones

Many facilities have their own hydraulic cylinder honing equipment in order to reduce the cost of outsourcing that service. However, some of the inexperienced technicians at those plants may not know the shortcomings of some of the honing equipment at their disposal. This article discusses some of the shortcomings of rigid honing stones. Straightness Varies Rigid honing stones can usually hone straight when they are still new. However, it becomes harder for them to remain true as they age. [Read More]

Why choose a boom lift for your next job?

Whether you are working on a construction site, on the street, or just conducting scheduled facilities maintenance there are always places that you need to work that can be hard to reach. If you have a difficult spot where you need to work, you might be able to use a ladder but that isn't always practical if there are obstacles in the way. For workmen ladders are not always a safe option as it can be awkward trying to safely hold tools and equipment while working at heights. [Read More]

Pallet Delivery Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to prepare your products correctly when you would like them to be delivered in palletised containers. This article discusses some of the most common mistakes that you should be wary of when you are getting your goods ready for pallet delivery. Overhanging Edges Make sure your goods aren't hanging over the edges of the pallets. Such overhanging goods may easily be damaged by the equipment used to load and offload the pallets during the different stages of their journey to the final destination. [Read More]