Basic Guidelines to Lubricating a Vibrating Compactor Properly

Lubrication is an important aspect of maintaining an electric compactor. One essential function of lubrication a vibrating compactor is that it keeps the bearings moving smoothly thereby ensuring the machine runs in optimal condition. Lubrication also ensures that the motor does not overheat because lubricants help moving parts to dissipate generated heat. Due to these essential functions and many others, proper lubrication must be a priority if longevity of your compactor is desired. [Read More]

5 Benefits of Nylon as an Engineering Plastic

Nylon is growing in popularity as an engineering plastic, and it's used in applications from timing screws to snowboards. Wondering if nylon is right for your next engineering project? Here's a look at some of its key advantages. 1. Corrosion Resistance If the final product is going to be used outside or in a factory setting where it may be exposed to a lot of chemicals, you need the corrosion resistance of plastic. [Read More]

On The Right Track: Is A Tracked Mobile Crane Suitable For Your Lifting Needs?

Modern mobile cranes are available in all manner of shapes and sizes, and if you need potent lifting power in an awkward location you can hire a crane capable of getting there. However, sometimes conventional, wheeled mobile cranes are defeated by rough, unforgiving terrain — in these situations, hiring a tracked mobile crane can save you a lot of headaches. However, tracked cranes provide more advantages over wheeled cranes than you might think, and you may find a tracked crane that is ideal for your purposes, even if you don't have rough terrain to deal with. [Read More]

How to Reduce the Frequency of Alternator Failures

Alternators need to be kept in a good working condition if your heavy material handling equipment is to work efficiently. This article discusses some measures that you can take to reduce the frequency at which alternator failures occur.  Select the Right Belt It is important to always make sure that you install a belt that meets the specifications of the alternator manufacturer when you replace a worn belt. Furthermore, you should know that no schedule exists to determine when that belt will become damaged. [Read More]