What's the Difference Between Static and Dynamic Hydraulic Seals?

The first decision you have to make when you choose hydraulic seals is whether to buy static or dynamic products. While these seals both do the exact same job, they should be used in different applications. What do you need to know about static and dynamic seals? What Are Static Hydraulic Seals? Static hydraulic seals create seals between two parts that do not move. So, for example, you might use these seals as o-rings or back-up seals on pipes and flanges. [Read More]

Get The Right Welding Helmet in Simple Steps

Having the right equipment is essential when welding. Most importantly, you must have the right protective gear. From protective clothing like boots, gloves, flame/fire retardant aprons/clothing, etc., to earmuffs and plugs, respirators, welding helmets, goggles or hand shields, it's imperative to ensure your safety for any welding projects. However, getting the perfect protective gear for your welding project is not always easy. That's because there are usually several options available and many considerations to make. [Read More]

Why You Should Install a Dog Fence Before Adopting a Dog

If you plan on adopting a dog, then you are probably also interested in installing a fence for them. After all, you'll want to be sure that your dog has a safe and comfortable place for using the bathroom, playing or just enjoying some fresh air. Although you may have already made the decision to install a fence for your future pet, you might be planning on waiting and installing it later. [Read More]

Does your hydraulic hose need to be replaced?

Have you ever faced a situation where you need to link two ports on a piece of equipment, but their positioning makes running a pipe between them awkward? The easiest way to create a connection in that situation is to use a flexible hydraulic hose. While you might struggle to complete the job with fixed piping, a flexible hose can pass around corners and connect at almost any angle. Places that you might use a hydraulic hose, include; hydraulic presses, tractor attachments, and even injection moulding machines. [Read More]