3 Reasons Why Having One Tank is Better Than Having Multiple Industrial Tanks

Are you considering getting a new water collection tank for your industrial operations? Are you wondering whether you should get one or several tanks? Below are several reasons why having one water collection tank at your industrial site is better than having multiple tanks. Improved design Modern tanks are stronger and have better reinforcement. This makes them able to hold a considerable amount of water without experiencing any structural damage. In the past, getting multiple tanks could have been the best option since you would have spread the pressure of the water across various tanks. [Read More]

The Different uses of Shipping Containers for Sale

Shipping containers are usually designed for the sole purpose of transporting different kinds of commodities overseas. However, modern times have seen the uses of shipping containers move from this traditional role, to embrace other more dynamic roles due to their many advantages. For instance, they are designed to be air tight, strong, durable and mobile. So, what are these different uses of shipping containers? Below is a detailed look at some of these uses: [Read More]

What to Know about Using a Bladder Style Water Storage Tank

If you are looking for a larger water storage option, like a 10000-litre water tank, you may be a bit overwhelmed at your options. This can be complicated by issues such as how long you want to store the water and where the water will be stored. One option that may meet several needs is to go with a bladder style storage tank. Before you decide on a traditional option, consider the things you should know about a bladder style option, such as: [Read More]

Top Tips to Keep Your Industrial AC Compressor Working Properly for Longer

At the heart of any industrial air conditioning equipment is a compressor. Its work is to circulate high-pressure refrigerant (the working fluid) to the condenser where the air gets cooled. When the compressor acts up, the air conditioning system won't be able to pump refrigerant to the condenser, meaning that conditioned air will not be cooled. Here are a couple of useful tips to ensure your industrial AC compressor functions reliably for longer: [Read More]