Why choose a boom lift for your next job?

Whether you are working on a construction site, on the street, or just conducting scheduled facilities maintenance there are always places that you need to work that can be hard to reach. If you have a difficult spot where you need to work, you might be able to use a ladder but that isn't always practical if there are obstacles in the way. For workmen ladders are not always a safe option as it can be awkward trying to safely hold tools and equipment while working at heights. Scaffolding is usually a safer option for working at heights but that often isn't practical either. You may not want to block the area with scaffolding, or you might be concerned by the amount of time taken to erect and disassemble the scaffolding. Using scaffolding can be a particular problem if you need to work across a range of locations in a short space of time. In these situations the most effective solution is to arrange boom lift hire. Using a boom lift, or cherry picker, will let you quickly reach even the most inaccessible locations and work safely at whatever height you need. A boom lift is a great way of working over and around obstacles, and getting you to the right height, whether you need to work indoors or outdoors.

Using an indoor boom lift

If you need to work indoors then you must hire a suitable boom lift. Find one with non-marking hires specially designed for use on finished surfaces. If space is particularly limited then you also want to consider a narrow width boom lift that will fit easily into a confined space, such as, a supermarket or warehouse.

Using an outdoor boom lift

If you need to work outdoors then a boom lift is still the perfect choice. The telescopic reach will help you carry out your maintenance, painting and decorating, building work, or whatever else you need to do, quickly and efficiently. If you need to work off-road, perhaps in the middle of a construction site, then choose a 'rough terrain' or 4x4 boom lift to cope with the most difficult environment.

Boom lifts are available in a wide variety of sizes and features, to help you get the job done. Wherever you need height and outreach then use a boom lift for ease and convenience. A boom lift will enable you to work safely at height and to complete your task with the minimum of hassle and disruption to your environment.