Pallet Delivery Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to prepare your products correctly when you would like them to be delivered in palletised containers. This article discusses some of the most common mistakes that you should be wary of when you are getting your goods ready for pallet delivery.

Overhanging Edges

Make sure your goods aren't hanging over the edges of the pallets. Such overhanging goods may easily be damaged by the equipment used to load and offload the pallets during the different stages of their journey to the final destination. For instance, the forks of a lift truck can puncture the packaging of any goods that overhang a pallet's edges. 

Improper Strapping of Goods

It is advisable to secure your goods adequately onto the pallet. Straps and other devices can be used for this purpose. This precaution will ensure that those goods remain stable in the pallet despite the rough-handling to which the pallet will be subjected. For example, pallets often tilt as they are lifted by cranes. Poorly strapped goods can easily fall out during such handling.

Not Checking Customs Requirements

Different jurisdictions have regulations that govern the kinds of pallets that are permitted in that area. For example, different countries may have different standards about the method of treatment for all wooden pallets in order to prevent any problems that can result from the pests and the diseases carried by timber products. Some countries may also have restrictions on the dimensions of pallets that they allow. It is therefore crucial for you to check and confirm that your pallet consignment will be allowed to reach its destination.

Improper Packing

Another common mistake that inexperienced people make involves poorly securing the goods within the pallet. Products should be packed as closely and as tightly as possible so that they don't have any chance to move around within the pallet. The best way to secure your items adequately is to use shrink wrap to hold those items firmly to each other. This method will also ensure that you can transport as many products as possible within each pallet so that you optimise your shipping costs.

Shippers should avoid many other mistakes during pallet delivery of products. The best way for you to avoid those mistakes is to work closely with a pallet delivery firm. The experts there will guide you through everything that you need to do in order to ensure that your products reach their destination cost-effectively.