Why Use Adjustable Air Cannons?

Air cannons usually deliver a consistent level of blast. They use the same pressure and speed to clear materials out of their containers and machines.

While this helps keep products moving, free-flowing, consistent blasts aren't always the perfect solution. Sometimes, it pays to use an adjustable air cannon instead. Why?

Get More Versatility

A regular air cannon uses a fair amount of force to keep materials moving. Sometimes, you need this much force. For example, if the air cannon has to manage claggy or dense materials, then you might need a lot of air pressure to prevent them from sticking together and creating blockages.

However, some materials are easier to move. They might only need a small air nudge to clear them off the sides of their containers and to move them. A high-pressure cannon might be a more powerful solution than you need.

If you install an adjustable cannon, then you can set it to work at the optimum rate for your materials. You can use low settings to deal with dry and hard materials. Or, you can use a higher setting to shift more sticky and dense products.

Deal With Blockages More Efficiently

While an air cannon helps keep your products moving, you will have times when materials clog together or stick to their containers. A regular air cannon typically uses a sharp and forceful blast to clear these areas.

However, sometimes, this won't work perfectly. The cannon might blow a hole through a large blockage but not clear it. The rest of the materials stay in place.

You can use an adjustable air cannon to create pulse-like blasts. Less intense bursts of air might help you loosen areas that a higher blast can then clear more effectively.

Get Cost Efficiency Benefits

If you can use different cannon settings, then you should see some financial benefits. If a cannon runs at full speed all of the time, then it will use more compressed air. It might need more maintenance work and repairs if it works at full capacity all the time.

If you use an adjustable model, then you can set it to work at the levels you need. If you have it on a lower setting some of the time, then it uses less air and energy. Your costs will be reduced. Plus, the cannon isn't working at full pelt continuously. It has periods when it has a lower and less stressful cycle. This could keep the cannon in better shape for longer.

For more advice, contact air cannon suppliers.