3 Useful Features to Look for in a Bitumen Brush

If you need to buy a brush to apply bitumen or tar, then choosing a product with the right features can make the job easier for you. What should you look out for before you choose which brush to buy?

1. A Long Handle

While some bitumen brushes come with short handles, others come with longer handles like regular brooms. If you're only doing a small and quick job where you can deal with bending or kneeling to apply the bitumen, then a short-handled brush is a workable option.

However, if you have a wide area to cover, then you might find that a long-handled bitumen brush is easier to use. These brushes have longer handles but comparably sized heads to their smaller counterparts, so you won't lose any advantages there.

However, the extra handle length means that you can work in a standing position while you paint the surface. You won't get aches and pains in your back and knees from having to bend over or kneel down as you would if you used a brush with a smaller handle.

2. An Angled Brush Head

Most bitumen and tar brushes come with straight brush heads. However, it is possible to find some products that have an angled head.

You may find that these brushes are easier to use. They work fine on flat middle areas — you simply need to angle the brush right when you paint for fast and even coverage.

The advantage here comes when you work in tight or restricted areas, like edges and corners. Being able to angle the brush head gives you greater control. So, you can get your bitumen or tar exactly where you need it to go without leaving any mess on adjacent materials or areas.

3. A Removable Brush Head

Some bitumen brushes have fixed heads; others have removable ones. There are a couple of reasons to go for a product with a head you can take off.

For a start, this makes the brush a lot easier to clean after a job. You also don't have to worry about getting the handle wet or covered in bitumen or tar as you clean off the brush.

Plus, if your brush head is left too long and dries hard, then you will find it hard to get it into a workable state again. If the head is removable, you can simply switch it for a new one.

To find out more about bitumen brush features like long handles and angled and removable heads, talk to broom suppliers.