3 Commercial HVAC Best Practices That Save Money

Any mistake that is made during the maintenance of the HVAC system in a commercial building can have major cost implications due to the number of people that may be affected and the monetary value of the equipment that is being used. This article discusses three maintenance best practices for commercial HVAC systems that property owners should keep an eye on in order to make savings on their HVAC systems.


It is important to ensure that all moving parts in your air conditioning system are lubricated at all times. This lubrication plays a number of roles. First, adequate lubrication can have an impact on the energy consumption of that equipment. This is because parts that move easily require less energy than those that move with difficulty due to inadequate lubrication. Secondly, adequate lubrication prolongs component life because heat generation due to friction will be minimised. Thus, less money will be wasted on replacing system components that fail before the end of their service life. Proper lubrication is, therefore, one of the easiest ways to save money on your HVAC system maintenance.

Condensate Drain Inspection

Another major way to save money on your commercial HVAC system entails conducting frequent inspections of the condensate drains to ensure that they are working well. Defective condensate drains can put a strain on your finances in a number of ways. For instance, the accumulated moisture can damage your building, especially wooden components. Fixing such damage is usually expensive. Moisture can also result in liability in case building occupants develop health complications due to the impact of mould growth in damp areas. It is therefore wise to check the condensate drains regularly so that any anomaly in their state can be fixed before it requires costly remedies.

Start Cycle Analysis

How sure are you that your HVAC units start and stop at the correct intervals? It is important to conduct a start cycle analysis on you HVAC equipment in order to be certain that it is performing in accordance with its design specifications. This analysis can only be performed by professionals. The findings will help you to keep operational costs in check. For instance, you will register savings on energy use in case it is discovered that the system was taking longer to turn off once the set temperature is attained within the building. Fixing that problem will lower the energy used by the system.

Realising savings from the use of your HVAC system starts with finding an experienced commercial HVAC service technician at companies like MTA Australasia to take charge of maintaining and repairing your system. That professional will give you timely advice about the different things that you need to do in order to optimise the performance of the air conditioning system in your commercial building.